LINE Events, Usagi Birthday Event 2017, and Le Mouvement Final Video footage

Hey! So some times ago, before working FOR Miss Dream, I was sending them content. Including all this listed in the title. It’s yet to be translated and I can never say WHEN it will be translated, simply that I recorded it and sent it of my own will. And it won’t be translated HERE either.

Usagi Birthday Event Part 1 6-30-2017:
I had some issues recording this with buffering so I had to do it in 2 parts, sadly!

Usagi Birthday Event Part 2 6-30-2017:


LINE Live Event Mini Show 8-16-2017:
This event had the Starlights, Satomi, and Hotaru present, out of costume for a fun show!


LINE Live Event Mini Show 8-17-2017:
This event was with the Outer scouts, out of costume for another great show! Very cute moments!


Lastly is the Le Mouvement Final Rehearsal video that came out. Here you can see scenes of practices and cast members talking. Can you tell where each scene belongs?


So there you have it! I do hope to have another “special” informational post up within the next week for information for some people looking for content. I appreciate your patience with the website as I managed through my semester! Look forward to some posts this coming month and hopefully throughout the summer!

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