Sailor Moon Unnatural Phenomena Cassette Audio

So some people have never heard of this existing before! In a one of a kind release (literally), an episode of Sailor Moon from the DiC dub was put on a a cassette tape with a single song of “She’s Got the Power” included on it! Oddly enough…both sides of the tape have the EXACT same content! It didn’t matter if you used side A or side B. Both had the audio and the same song.

This is a play by play of the episode, with the entire thing voiced by the cast and Kathy Coon did the in betweens of the characters to explain the actions going on like a story book telling.

This was ALSO the first role for Terri Hawkes as Usagi/Sailor Moon.

Below are images from the cassette and at the bottom is the audio itself for you to enjoy in it’s full DiC dub glory!

Front 1 - Cover

Front 2 - Lyrics

Front 3 - Offer

Back - Credits

Back - Offer Details

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