How Can I see Le Mouvement Final 10/1 Livestream?

So you’ve heard the news that Toei has decided to live stream the final performance of Le Mouvement Final on 10/1 on the internet through Rakuten TV and you’re SUPER excited!

Except…it’s all in Japanese, so what do you do next? I’m here to help with that.

Let me state that before you follow “step by step,” you read this ENTIRE post to see limitations to it all.

No I will NOT state how I’m doing it, where I’m getting it from, or anything of the like. I also cannot say I will publicly share the record I get. I will however post images to this site and my twitter as per usual.

So here we go! This is the entire post explaining that Rakuten TV will be streaming it live on the site along with the times and the price (which will discuss further down). Click on this link takes you to the page where you can begin the process of ordering the musical, but first is first. We need to make an account. I already have one made, but I will guide you (though a lot is in English for some odd reason).

step 1

In the top right hand corner you need to select either “ログイン” or the button I have circled for settings. Either one works!step 1

Your next screen should look just like this! There are options in the upper right hand corner if it happens to appear in Japanese. If you have a Rakuten TV account or a Rakuten JP account, you can simply log in. Otherwise, we want this button on the right.

Time for the big bad “what do I do now” screen!

step 1

Let’s break this down part by part. So we’ll do section 1 first.

The first thing you need is your email address. Any will do that you have. US or not.

The next step is where it’s…difficult. What exactly is a “mobile email address?” It means an email address associate with your phone, which is “common” in Japan, but less so now. No a phone number will NOT work. Here you can google your possible to one. If I remember, I’ll login and try to provide the random email I used for it. (Hint: I apparently didn’t need one? It tells me not registered)

Of course we have our user ID. I just used my email address to make things simple. ANd then a password. The standard website creation information.

step 1

Section 2! This part is also pretty straight forward.

You put in your first and last name. You don’t need to use any Japanese text for it. Though warning: It does state you should use the SAME name as stated on whatever payment method you will use.

Then your Date of birth.

And last, your gender.

step 1.png

Section 3. This is a bit more of a challenge, but you can literally google “random Japanese address” to get this.

You CANNOT use a US postal address. It must be from Japan. You’ll need the postal code, the prefecture (tokyo-to for exacmple), the city/ward (Shinagawa Ward), and the rest of the address not listed up above.

step 1.png

This part is the roadblock that even I hit. This seems like it’ll be JUST fine with your US card. Even seems like it accepts it. Except, you need a Japanese ONLY credit card/debit card in order to make any purchases through Rakuten TV as it is a Japanese only service.

In the event you DO have a card, you’re good to go. No you cannot just “get one online,” trust me I’ve tried. You only succeed in the same wall in the long run: Japan only. Again, the card needs to match the member name.

So if you do not have a Japanese credit/debit card or a Japanese mobile phone payment method, you can hang up the dream I’m afraid to say. However, if you’re in Japan to see the musical, but NOT at the last showing, you can probably get a prepaid visa card from Japan and make it work. Again, pricing will be discussed later.

step 1

Lastly, you make your security question and go into the next step. Here, you will confirm the information is correct, unless it refreshes this page to tell you what is wrong. After all is correct, you’re done with this! Now we can add that musical to our basket and purchase it if we meet all the requirements! Now we’re at this link and this page. Part of it talks about entering a raffle, but we wouldn’t qualify for it since we aren’t in Japan to begin with.

step 1.png

What we are interested in is that big ol’ blue button on the bottom there.

step 1.png

Now we’re at the page FULL of information for us, including times, price, and limitations!

So the price is 2500円. You’re free to translate that to whatever currency you have, bu you’ll need a Japanese card loaded with at least this minimal amount.

So what’s with all the mumbo jumbo at the bottom you ask?

This is gonna be lengthy, so strap in!

<Concert Performance: October 1, 2017 at 17:00 (JPN Time)>
< Performance time: Approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes with a 15 minute break included>

[About reservation]
The purchase of a sale allows you entry into a drawing of a performance poster signed by the main cast. Three people will win with a lottery style drawing.

Reservation Sale Period: September 15 (Friday) – September 30 (Sat) 23:59 (All JPN Dates/times)
Sale price: 2500円 (tax included)

Present campaign is subject to reservation buyers ONLY.
There is no archive of the stream.

Notes on distribution:
Distribution starts from 17:00 on the day, but the “play” button displays around 16:30 (All JPN time).
There is a possibility of interruption due to environment and equipment trouble.
Your household/wifi or environment/conditions may affect delivery status.
Disturbance may occur in video/audio during live delivery.
Schedule may change due to circumstances.
Viewing is one time only, there is NO ARCHIVE.
Rakuten TV is a service only in Japan. Purchasing and viewing from overseas is not available.

That last bit means you need a VPN more than likely to even see it if you made it this far. I use Softether for all my content.

Anyways, we want that big red button above the mumbo jumbo with the price written above it. Click that little sucker.

step 1

This is gonna pop up on your screen. Click the giant yellow button with the shopping cart.

step 1.png

Now you’re here! This tells you the ways you’re allowed to view it also. PC, Android, iOS, Chromecast, Viera, Bravia, and…Wii U apparently. Anyways, we want the giant red button there on the side.

step 1

Remember it told you this was a Japan only service? If you’re not on a VPN, you’re honestly gonna get this message. Nice enough to give it to you in English. So we VPN it up then!

step 1.png

That’s more like it! So you’ll get 23 points if you’re able to complete the purchase. The giant red text above the price just says no coupons and no points to use because well…I don’t have any! We just want the giant red button anyways.

And once you click that…it’s gonna probably give you a message I’m currently not getting because of a setting i have on. It’s going to tell you an error number that means your card is NOT accepted if you haven’t accepted the conditions of a Japanese only card. Mine is set up through a phone payment to test it. It asks me to actually log into docomo to pay.

There is 0 way around this. No paypal is not an option. It’s literally a Japanese card or a Japanese phone where YOU are on it paying it.

Otherwise, you’re good to go and you’ve rented the musical! Make sure you’re ready at 16:30 JPN time for it to start since you can’t rewatch it after the fact.

If you’re on a VPN, I recommend trying to watch various streams with whatever one you’ve chosen before hand to make sure you will buffer as little as possible.

I hope this was helpful to someone in either getting it, or in understanding WHY you couldn’t get it.

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