Musical: Amour Eternal DMM Performance Part 2 | Autumn 2016

Here comes part 2/4 of Amour Eternal images! I will say there’s going to be a delay between this part and the next one due to a certain hurricane putting a real halt in my plans…So forgive me for that one, but I will have other content in the meant time with other musicals!

I also hope you’re really enjoying the Le Mouvement Final content too! So without further ado, let us see what the outers were up to this entire time, shall we?

As a reminder, you can right click on an image to save it, or if you just want to see a larger version, you can right click and open image in new tab!


Helios lives inside of Mamoru’s walls, by god.

“The things these hands are going to do to Usagi in the future.”

Ive spent more than acceptable amount of time trying to read the writing on Mamoru’s PJs sleeve.

I remember when the CV for this scene was out and people FLIPPED.

You almost get to see Mamoru and Usagi kiss which isn’t something I often see mentioned in this scene because it’s so far out. The DVD, if I recall, shows it more so.

Haruka totally doesn’t need help.


Haruka has a damn ring on her left hand. This was LITERALLY the only time I ever saw this ring appear!

Also Haruka pouting is like really really cute???

Michiru continues to hide her left hand so much for me to try and find out if SHE has one on.

“Setsuna, do you mind? Having a moment here.”


Even MICHIRU has a ring on. Sooooo.

This means they both are wearing rings! Im sure it’s just promise rings, but we can all dream, right?

Mamoru is dying and Usagi looks extremely thrilled.

Chibiusa, it’s kinda rude to wear your shoes inside the house, I’m just saying.

And there you have Amour Eternal part 2 up and done! I hope you found some cool images! Which were YOUR favorites?

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