Le Mouvement Final clips with audio from A to J

So A to J got the chance to see AND record some small snippets of the Le Mouvement Final Musical. Im going to say now, not the highest quality audio/video, but it’s a treat. You get to hear various singing pieces throughout the musical.

I will warn there is at least ONE massive spoiler involved so if you would like to avoid that, either just listen to it, or avoid it entirely.

Here is the video and below is a link to THEIR review on how the cast was during the musical and small tidbits of what happens, obviously containing spoilers.

You can see the entire post they did on their own site, A to J here: http://a-to-jconnections.com/a-to-j-culture/the-revival-of-pretty-guardian-sailor-moon-the-musical-says-stage-on-to-its-final-stage

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