Sailor Moon Schedule Book 2018

So I ordered in this schedule book for myself and thought I’d show you what it was like because it ALSO contains some nice information about the characters themselves I’d like to share! I will share just about all of it from cover to cover. Any pages left out are probably where they duplicate!

I encourage you to support Sailor Moon and buy your own copy which you can get here:

This is NOT the premium bandai version!

I ordered mine from them with no hassle and it’s a company I’ve previously used to buy items from. If you buy the products from the show, we can get more and show our support and love for it!

Some pages may cut off. I didn’t say I was GREAT with a scanner. Or it’ll have extra white lines.

Also you, in chrome, can right click an image and open in new tab for a larger view.

Page 01

Here is the cover to the book! It’s a nice cover that will allow you hold a small pen inside with a pocket in the back!

Page 02

This is the first page you get when you open up the book! Various images from the show or artwork!

Page 03

This is seen in your normal books. Just a calendar of 2018 through 2019! With some images in the background that are MOSTLY cut off from a full view.

Page 04.jpg

I thought that this made for a really neat page if you needed quick info reference for a single event! I’m  the highlighted days are holiday’s or events for Japan.

Page 05.jpg

We start off with Sailor Moon/Usagi for October! Here you can see holiday events AND birthday’s for each character as well! They also use planetary symbols for the main 5 days of the week.

Page 06.jpg

Next is Sailor Mercury/Ami!

Page 07.jpg

My personal favorite, Sailor Mars/Hino Rei!

Page 08.jpg

Start the new year off with Sailor Jupiter/Kino Makoto!


Page 09.jpg

It’s rather fitting to have Sailor Venus/Aino Minko down for Feburary. Also we get a Sailor V image!

Page 10.jpg

They even include Chibi Moon/Chibiusa!

Page 11.jpg

Gotta have our outer scouts too!

Page 12.jpg

It would be a crime if these two weren’t back to back. We even get the birthday for the Starlights!

Page 13

Even Pluto gets a showing!

Page 14

And Saturn! They chose to avoid any evil images it seems.

Page 15.jpg

Even Tuxedo Mask succeeded in getting a page! I actually like the image of him without the mask on.

Page 16

I was actually surprised to see that they gave Princess Serenity a page too!

Page 17

One of my favorite pages because it’s got the D-point battle scene in it!

Page 18

And of course, gotta have the family in there too! No Hotaru included.

Page 19

And instead of allowing Prince Endymion a page, they were kind enough to give one to Artemis and Luna, which was WAY unexpected!

These next few pages are of memo pages with one to each scout (except the last) and they have really cool silhouette of the scout on them! The order follows the same as the pages of the calendar it seems.

Page 20.jpgPage 21.jpgPage 22Page 23.jpgPage 24.jpgPage 25.jpgPage 26.jpgPage 27Page 28.jpgPage 29Page 30Page 31Page 32Page 33

The next several pages are the same as the last memo pad page. Also it looks like on Luna’s page, they dropped Artemis ENTIRELY.

Next is the character information that I’ll do my best to translate, but I’m going to say this: I am by no means a translator and may get some information wrong. Feel free to contact me on my twitter and send a correction!

Page 34.jpg

Tsukino Usagi/Sailor Moon:
Birthday: June 30th
Horoscope: Cancer
Blood Type: O
Family: Father, Mother, Brother
School: Juuban Junior High School -> Juuban High School
Favorite Color: White
Hobby: Games, Sleeping, Eating Cakes
Favorite Food: Ice Cream
Dislike: Dentist, Ghosts
Dream: To be a wife
Person you like: Chiba Mamoru (Tuxedo Mask)
Guardian Star: Moon

Mizuno Ami/Sailor Mercury:
Birthday: September 10th
Horoscope: Virgo
Blood Type: A
Family: Father, Mother
School: Juuban Junior High -> Juuban High School
Favorite Color: Light blue
Hobby: Reading, Chess
Favorite Food: Sandwich
Dislike: Love
Dream: Doctor
Guardian Star: Mercury

Hino Rei/Sailor Mars:
Birthday: April 17th
Horoscope: Aries
Blood Type: AB
Family: Father, Grandfather
School: TA Girls Junior High -> TA Girls High School
Favorite Color: Red, Black
Hobby: Fortune Telling
Favorite Food: Puffer Fish
Dislike: TV
Dream: Chief Priest
Guardian Star: Mars

Kino Makoto/Sailor Jupiter:
Birthday: December 5th
Horoscope:  Sagittarius
Blood Type: O
Family: Lives Alone
School: Juuban Junior High -> Juuban High School
Favorite Color:  Pink
Hobby: Bargain Hunting
Favorite Food: Cherry Pie
Dislike: Airplanes
Dream: Wife, Cake Shop owner, Flower Shop owner
Guardian Star: Jupiter

Aino Minako/Sailor Venus:
Birthday: October 22nd
Horoscope:  Libra
Blood Type: B
Family: Father, Mother
School: Shiba Koen Junior High -> Juuban High School
Favorite Color: Red, Yellow
Hobby:  Idol Chasing (Aota Kai)
Favorite Food: Curry
Dislike: Mother and Police
Dream: Idol
Guardian Star: Venus

Page 35.jpg

Chibiusa/Chibi Moon:
Birthday:  June 30th
Horoscope:  Cancer
Blood Type:  O
Family:  Father (King Endymion), Mother (Neo Queen Serenity)
School: Juuban Elementary
Favorite Color:  Red, Pink
Hobby:  Collecting Rabbit related goods
Favorite Food:  Pudding
Dislike:  Dentist, Ghosts
Dream:  To become a Lady
Person you like: Chiba Mamoru (Tuxedo Mask)
Guardian Star: Moon

Tenoh Haruka/Sailor Uranus:
Birthday:  January 27th
Horoscope:  Aquarius
Blood Type:  B
Favorite Color:  Gold
Hobby:  Driving
Favorite Food:  Salad
Dislike:  Natto
Dream:  Racer
Guardian Star: Uranus

Kaioh Michiru/Sailor Neptune:
Birthday:  March 6th
Horoscope:  Pisces
Blood Type:  O
Favorite Color: Marine Blue
Hobby:  Collecting Cosmetics
Favorite Food:  Sashimi
Dislike:  Cloud Ear Mushroom
Dream:  Violinist
Guardian Star: Neptune

Meioh Setsuna/Sailor Pluto:
Birthday:  October 29th
Horoscope:  Scorpio
Blood Type:  A
Favorite Color:
Hobby:  Shopping
Favorite Food:  Tea
Dislike:  Eggplant
Dream:  Designer
Guardian Star: Pluto

Tomoe Hotaru/Sailor Saturn:
Birthday:  January 6th
Horoscope:  Capricorn
Blood Type:  AB
Favorite Color:
Hobby:  Reading, Lamp Collecting
Favorite Food:  Soba
Dislike:  Milk
Dream:  Nurse
Guardian Star: Saturn

Page 36.jpg

This is a page that you can put addresses on (there’s another 2 of just those) and a way to quickly tell someones age!

Page 37.jpg

This page is all about nutrition and I’m not gonna translate it all for you. Also, BMI scales!

Page 38.jpg

This is a variety of manners and information including time zones!

Page 39.jpg

A…world map in your daily planner because you never know?

Page 40.jpg

A Railway map of the Tokyo area!

Page 41.jpg

One of the two subway maps!

Page 42.jpg

Obviously the other subway map

Page 43.jpg

The last page in the book is for personal information!

Page 44.jpg

And here it is with the sleeve it came with, showing the official Toei sticker on it!

So there you have the whole book! You’ll notice it only seemed to go through the S arc, outside of mentioning the Starlights birthdays. What did YOU think?

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