Musical: Amour Eternal DMM Performance Part 1 | Autumn 2016

So I’ve skipped ahead and done this musical if only because the better quality I have is available to me for less than week remaining. I’ve had a lot of people look at this empty page (And…well Autumn 2017 already), so I thought I would work on it!

Also, if you follow me on my twitter, you can occasionally see images that either don’t appear on the site, or before they appear in a post!

Honestly I took this one just for people who might want to do this as a cosplay.


This just…seems very uncomfortable.

Do you think Makoto has to act as a buffer to keep Minako from torturing Rei or doing inappropriate things in public with her?

Know it all Tsukino Usagi has arrived.

Ami will always cheer her princess up with her belief in her.

Makoto: Oh god here comes the science talk save me.
Rei: You are on your own.

I have questions about the maids, honestly.

Makoto secretly imagining flowers given to her by Ami.

WHOA. Do you need to share something Makoto!?

Minako gives no warning that she’s not going to sing internally, but really…they should have expected it. She does want to be a idol after all!

“Ami it’s not fair! SHE gets to sing out loud!”

I am 100% in love with this image. Outside of Usagi’s lovely reaction and face, you get Minako and Rei. Rei looks like she really wants Minako to become an idol and follow her dreams more than anything else.

I mean…this just suits Usagi on many levels.

Ami’s enthusiasm for her princess is VERY real and no one will stop her.

“Time to poke some holes into some thoughts.”

A mad Usagi and a calm Mamoru. It’s like this is routine for them.


Rei: WTF is going on.

Let’s all peer pressure Ami into doing something she is ENTIRELY uncomfortable doing.

Minako, maybe you should go protect Tiger’s Eye before Rei socks him in the face in a public setting.

What I love is that you can see they used actual images of the cast as the characters for the book in case the audience got at an angle to ever see it.

What I love even more is that they labeled this book “Dead Moon Circus” And “List of People with a Beautiful Dream.” Like putting it into English was going to stop someone from knowing what it was.

With no context, this makes for a really weird image.

There is a lot of irony in this very picture.

“Maybe it was only like this big. Might have exaggerated a bit.”

I always question this choice of PJs. Snow hats?


I love how you see Usagi’s genuine concern for Mamoru.

Really looks like these two are off on some plan of Minako’s that involves torturing Rei and Ami.

What’s amazing is Usagi accepting that she didn’t get in and the others did and that’s just how it is.

Just look how low Rei even bows for her princess. And that’s a girl with some SERIOUS pride.

“Can you not?”

“I’m two seconds from breaking your hand. Remove it.”

Minako will not have you touching the merchandise any further.

The cringe at Fish Eye being turned down.

“Usa..what the fuck are you wearing?”

Usagi is about to commit murder with a mop. Chibiusa manages to avert a homicide from occurring.

What a reaction group that…fits so well. Minako is all up in it, Ami turns around and is probably red to the tips of her ears, and Makoto is too shell shocked to even speak.

Ami: Well that just looks like it’s going to be all kinds of unpleasant.

Usagi actually has to shield herself from Chibiusa’s attack because it’s so sudden!

Usagi actually hides behind Rei and Makoto kind of braces for Minako to do whatever she might do at being left out.

This is how most everyone reacts at seeing Yuga Mamo.

The silhouette here is REALLY neat behind Chibiusa!

And there you have it! The first quarter of Amour Eternal with around 600 images down! I hope you enjoyed this and it’ll probably be Thursday before I get part 2 up! I still have half the musical to go through and get images from as well!

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