Sailor Moon Musical: Line Up! 5 Women of the White Moon Comparison video

So I own a few version of La Reconquista (5), Petite Eterangere (3), Un Nouveau Voyage (3), and Amour Eternal (2). The Miss Dream version, also known as the niconico version, the DMM version, and the DVD. So I often talk about, on twitter, how I have different “angles.” I thought THIS would be a great chance to show what I mean.

The song I picked was Line Up! 5 Women of the White Moon! I specifically picked this song because it is the only song to appear in every single musical from 2013-2016.

NOTE: Any lag in the video is of my own accord and has NOTHING to do with the Miss Dream, DVD, or DMM version. They all run smoothly with 0 issues. Sometimes it hiccups when I record.

Make sure to click the “HD” option for the highest quality you can get too!

First I’m going to show you the video from Miss Dream (english subtitles included). This was originally streamed live from Nico Nico and I’ve opted to use the Finale version that they have for La Reconquista.

Next is the DMM version. It’s a “rental” video, but I paid $30 and was able to rent it for a full year with the ability to download the file (though it’s unaccessiable beyond the year without repaying).

I apologize for the “grey” screen when these two start up. It was a recording error on my part.

Finally it’s the DVD! Which you’ll notice something very similar to the DMM one here!

So you’ll notice that the DMM is the SAME video, but just…well higher quality. For some reason, they seem to record the DVD’s in a simple 480p format for a SUPER small window.


Next up is Petite Eterangere! I’ll of course be starting with the Miss Dream/Nico Nico version. A fun fact to point out here is that THIS is the only version of this song that has ALL the scouts singing the song entirely! It’s also the ONLY time we’ve seen a Flame Sniper appear!

Next is the DMM video.

Finally we have the DVD quality, which again was done in 480p.

Again, you’ll notice that the DVD and the DMM are the same exact video, but with a higher quality located on the DMM version.


Now we’re onto Un Nouveau Voyage, which contains the shortest version of the song with Shiori (Venus) only singing, but singing Sailor Moon’s part.

Up next is our lovely DMM version!

And at least, we have the DVD, which is once again the DMM video, but with the 480p quality attached to it.

Again, we see the same video, with higher quality on the DMM version. 480p again, on the DVD.


Amour Eternal is where it’s a touch more unique. Only TWO versions of this musical exists versus three. See, starting with this musical, they no longer worked with niconico for a live stream of the musical. Rather, they waited till after all performances were completed and then posted it to DMM and then a DVD release was put out.

The DMM version, however, only remained on the site for exactly a one week period and has never reappeared since until VERY recently, but it does NOT have the full “1 year” option for renting. It’s another one week rental period. In the middle of this post I actually took the time to purchase it just so I could reobtain the highest quality for this post!

First is the DMM version, of course! Poor Rimo (Venus) Doesn’t get to sing her whole verse. Revenge perhaps for Venus singing the part of Sailor Moon in UNV?

Next is the DVD version!

So as you can see there are angles different from the initial video release that change in the DMM/DVD versions that tend to come out much later than the live stream version. I tend to get my images from DMM, hence higher quality!

I hope you found this a tad bit interesting to see the different angles/quality offered! Also, you’ll notice DMM had better quality AUDIO overall too 🙂

I should note, you can ONLY purchase through DMM if you are located in Japan or know a work around. I’m not going to state how to do that as that’s not the purpose of this website. I will say it’s $30 to rent for a year in HD quality that allows for DL and streaming, except Amour Eternal which is $10 for one week HD quality and DL.

And the DL, again only works as long as the rental period. You have to have the DMM player downloaded and it asks you to log into your DMM account and knows when your time has run out and will NOT play the downloaded file.

Also, if requested by Toei or King Records, I will remove this post so it may be a limited time only. Hence avoiding using Youtube, but I would like to avoid a lawsuit.

If you have any questions or have a request, you can contact me on my twitter or at my email:

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