90’s Anime Episode 3 (Full)

So I’m gonna try a new thing with uploading the ENTIRE Episode 3 in one post. If you like it or don’t like it, let me know at my twitter. With that out of the way, one other note is that I’m back in classes full force so I’m going to be a bit slow getting any posts up and I apologize about this. Hence trying episodes in one post over 2.

And without further ado, let’s go!

Gotta love that they keep with the really really long title names.

A quick note here. Jadeite’s eyes, I’ve mentioned them before. It’s also a question of “Are the general’s human?” There’s a few indications of “no.” I believe they are not 100% human because of the Metallia/Beryl corruption occurring. Jadeite has slightly green eyes. Nephrite bleeds green. See what I mean?

That 90’s technology. Gives me flashbacks.

Makes you wonder if they’re the same person doesn’t it? Also, Naru’s room looks a lot more mature than Usagi’s does at this angle.

The face of a winner.

“Thank god Princess Serenity did not have one of these contraptions. One less distraction.”

Another good shot of Usagi’s room here too. Surprisingly it’s pretty clean!

This basically says something along the lines of “A new prominent illness!? Mysterious sleeping sickness is prevailing.”

Remember Usagi sneaking into class in episode 2? It made it seem like her seat was towards the front. However, it’s clearly more towards the back of the room as seen here. Also notice how all the males look so generic while the females are far more obvious?

And here as well. Only 2 desks located behind hers.

Me, when I’m going to class and walk across the campus in 33C that feels like 39-40C weather.

Sooooo. I guess no one actually sees this going on, huh.

I’m gonna be like this on my study desk after I get this post up.


Mention of the Sailor V stuff in the background! I have to wonder if it means a 2nd game has come out by this point. Which would be weird since Usagi was just playing a “new” Sailor V game last episode. Though it’s not STRICTLY stated the time differences, Tuxedo Unmasked did a rough draft of the Season 1 story taking place over just a few months.

Luna literally goes “What’s going on?” IT’s an ambulance Luna. Why are we questioning a SINGLE ambulance in the Juuban area of Tokyo?

As a prenursing student…This is not how you should carry someone out on a stretcher regardless.

The girl in the back just wants to see Haruna go into the ambulance. She hasn’t moved in a while.

FM No.10 is a play on words by the way! Juuban means Number 10! 😀


So in the original DiC, US version of this scene…They SUPER zoomed in on Usagi and Naru and it was blurry. This was to cut these completely non-relevant punks out of the shot.

Seriously…why not just distribute these into people’s mailboxes or something. It’d be way quicker and more efficient.

I’m pretty sure these are NOT allowed on the school uniform.

So if this works through direct contact, why didn’t the medical staff get hit by it picking Haruna up? Did the gloves stop it? Did they take it off? I HAVE QUESTIONS.

Usagi is secretly a pokemon. Or E.T.

Usagi, put those away. It’s night time. Now you just look as dumb as Mamoru does.

Reasons I can’t wear heels. I fear this moment. I fear breaking my ankle in them. Sneakers, please.

…It…looks like he has lips for eyes.

Right in the face.

Maybe you ought to see a dentist if your halitosis is this bad.

Hip buddies!

God you could put someone’s eye out with this facial structure.

So two things! First of all, the Tiara seems to literally tear this Youma in half.

The 2nd is that I believe the tiara isn’t magically homing. Usagi is just REALLY good with a frisbee, as we’ll see in another episode. She knows how to throw and aim it. She’s insanely accurate.

You missed his foot by that much. Come on man. Aim a LITTLE better. Usagi can even aim better than you can with a FRISBEE. A THROWING DISC.

Someone had to draw and paint this. Let that sink in.

E.T. Phone home.

That’s the end of episode 3! Let’s take a glance at episode 4!

I hope you enjoyed this and again, I apologize for being SUPER late getting this up! Did you like it in one post versus two though?

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