Musical: Gaiden Dark Kingdom Fukkatsu Hen – Summer 1993 Part 4 Finale

Here we are at the FINALE!

Scene 10 D Point. The girls are dead. Mamoru is dead. Let’s go.

The local Christmas tree has also arrived, pre decorated.

MOON MACE. MOON MACE TO THE FACE. Also this is totally not the Moon Stick so you know, screw the plot. Also Naoko Takeuchi had a hand in this AND KNEW THIS. Still let it pass over. Could be that it was because R was showing at the time of this release.

“Paint me like one of your french girls.”

It’s like 2 minutes of Tug of War with these two and energy I swear.

Scene 11, back in Tokyo!

Are you ready for more of them?

Scene 12 D Point. Because it’s another one image of them! Aren’t you so lucky!

And your luck has run out.

Right on Minako’s ass.

Another popular Musical staple: La Soldier. In fact, from 1993-2005 this is in each musical at the very least as a service number!

In case you were curious what the back of the outfit is like.

And there you have the 1993 musical! I will have one more post released 1 hour after this one with the cast information and service numbers and then The following morning, a post about what it was like for rehersals!

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