Musical: Gaiden Dark Kingdom Fukkatsu Hen – Summer 1993 Part 3

Here we go, part 3! Are you EXCITED YET?

Scene 7 inside the Fortune Teller location!

Ami doesn’t DO fortune tellers.

You didn’t need your eyes anyways.

Beryl got some bling.

Christ you will ACTUALLY put someones eye out with those shoulder stabbers! How can anyone romantically lay their head on your shoulder!?

Kinda looks like they took a party hat and glued it on her arm though.

Well weren’t you just helpful.

Are you gonna sing them to death!? OH MAN.

Vampire Tuxedo Mask????

Look at that flying kick!

What part of you thought this was a good idea?

This song is another staple to Sailor Moon musicals: Sailor War!


Scene 8, D Point.

Beryl finally gets to sing a song! Yami koso Utsukushii.

She has literally turned into a walking Christmas tree here. All that tinsel. Way more bling. She might be legally able to blind someone in daylight with all of that on.

Or maybe she’s just a salsa dancer?

“Bling Bling Motherfucker.”

You see those four around her? Those are your DD girls for the musical.

You know what this makes me thing of? Lady Gaga’s Walk Walk Fashion Baby.

Jadeite just punches him because he can.



Believe it or not, this is the MOST physical musical. There’s almost all actual hand to hand combat and very little of the attacks used.

giphy (1).gif

Kino Makoto still will royally kick your ass. Ami will also give you a high kick if she can.

“oh shit I really fucked that one up.”

Well he is 100% dead.

Scene 9! We’re almost there! This is back in Tokyo.

Been a while since we saw these two. You clearly missed them, right? They aren’t around for long this time! In fact…this is the ONLY image of them AND the only image from this entire scene because it’s about 2 minutes of them talking.

Part 4 incoming! It will be up tonight!


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