Musical: Gaiden Dark Kingdom Fukkatsu Hen – Summer 1993 Part 1

Welcome to the first ever Sailor Moon musical to exist. This is a “Side Story” which indicates that it’s not relevant to the manga nor the show. This was done along side the anime as well and Naoko Takeuchi had a big hand in this musical.

This musical does have some items before it that I’ll be sharing in ANOTHER post. I simply want to use this to show off the musical.

One thing to note…well a couple. This was 1993 so the quality is not going to be the highest. Another is that it’s live, meaning there will be blur on some images. But let’s dive right on in!

This is the DVD menu, actually. If you look close at Usagi’s shoes/boots, you can see they are simply covers!

This basically states that the 5 girls are ready to spend their summer at the beach! But 4 lovely men are around!

But first we have to have a dream sequence of Usagi’s involving the Dark Kingdom.

Scene one, inside of Usagi’s dream!

I really like the way they did the lighting on this for some reason!

Mystery Sagashi is the song name here! I’ll of course be linking so you may listen to these songs and see the dances.

This looks like Usagi’s face when it’s mentioned they had homework and she forgot to do it.

This has by far been my favorite performer for Queen Beryl. She performs her from this musical up through the 1998 Eien Densetsu Kaiteiban musical if she were to appear.

More of that “Dark Power!” Which honestly sounds like a drug you’d take. “Hey man, you got any of that uh…Dark Power?”

Scene two! Morning time in reality.

This is the only musical that has a video copy of Luna and Artemis. The Kaiteiban also had them, but that was never recorded for video. You’re about find out WHY this is the only musical with them.

So here, Luna remarks to Artemis about the dream she had and for some reason…Artemis tells her that Usagi’s dreams ALWAYS come true. This is the only case that any musical states.

Scene three! Inside the Department store. Scenes go by REALLY quickly in this musical

I mean…these models are just the best. Ill take that pin stripe one piece on the top in the back.

It’s nice to know that Rei goes shopping in her Priestess outfit.

And that Usagi dresses like a Minion. She was the original Minion style.

Seriously, Usagi?

Don’t think too hard on it, Usagi.

This is the only musical (outside of the Kaiteiban) that Haruna also ever appears in. Not…quite like she is in the manga nor the anime. She also reminds me of a hotel worker?

This song is Natsu wo Shimashou Vacation! And here’s what the dance and song are like.

I hear PD in the background, screaming relentlessly.

Rei starts to sense that something isn’t right. Maybe it’s that a teacher isn’t supposed to be able to shake it that well?

Orrrrr. She’s just super interested in Haruna’s leg. Or mortified. Not sure.

“These hands are not those of Kino Makoto. Remove them.”

This is it. This is how Ami makes it to Germany. She flaps her arms and flies.

Rei. Stop being a spoil sport. Dance.

Didn’t your mother ever teach you pointing fingers is rude? Oh…wait.

Minako of all people yells at Rei. Sounds about right.

You think Haruna saw the SAME spider that Mamoru saw?

How do you feel about Power Ranger like enemies? Because they are a treat.

Minako, I’m not sure WHO you’re protecting…or any of you. Usagi is literally running a circle around OUTSIDE your protective circle.

I’m not sure what’s better. His mask, or his solo song coming in here.

This song is Bara no Himitsu!

Usagi…you could be a tad more helpful.


Here’s the end of this part! I wanted to do one GIANT post, but it would be way too long. I’ll have the rest staggered over the next couple of days 🙂

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