90’s Anime Episode 2 Part 1

Welcome to episode 2 of the 90’s anime! Are you ready to dive more into the word of Sailor Moon, her talking cat Luna, and her regular school life? Or are you just here to see what sound “advice” Stranger Danger provides?

A note to make. I’m changing the style from this episode on. I’m no longer describing it and YOU can make your own story on what’s going on. Ill have some witty commentary to make here and there and you’ll get far more images now!

I really like the flowers in this picture, actually. Wish I could get it without Usagi present.

ONLY two flavors? I’m surprised by your ability to restrain yourself without Rei around.

$20 says she dropped the cone here. Dropping food is similar to dropping the ball, for Usagi.

I have no clue why I always loved this scene? But I did.

At first I thought this method was totally nothing serious, but upon some information provided to me, it’s yarrow stalks! The variety of the stalks can be cheap quality or more high quality. It starts with 50 stalks and it works it way down until you get a hexagram. You can read more about it here because this is outside my area of expertise!

Sailor Moon doesn’t believe in your average generic anime girls. They make theirs stand out. Is that Pippi Longstocking on the left there though?

More not generic anime girls.

He looks as shady as the shade that gets thrown around the Dark Kingdom in PGSM.

Jadeite, straight up. Your eyes? They freak me out.

This is me. This is my life. Hiding under the blankets to ignore my responsibilities.

My responsibilities look very terrifying. I mean look at those toes. Those teeth. That face.

This is me during college. This face. All day. Cute plush in the background though.

Me when I saw seeing my Chemistry test grades.


Nothing to see here at all.

Naru is practicing her running away from the youma here.

The damage is done, Naru. You’ve crushed his hopes and dreams. He didn’t have many of those.

I really like this one for some reason.

You’ve developed a game system that predicts things that has 3 buttons: On and off. Left. Right. That’s it. I’ll take 40. Do you accept Visa?

This says it’s Happiness for two people basically. The 3 button game declares it so!

Naru has a unibrow in this scene.

Oops. Inbetween frames.

Wonder what he’s reading? “How to tell a person’s fortune with sticks you found outside.”

This just says House of Fortune.

I really like the details in Usagi’s eyes. Maybe I notice this more owning my own cels?

“I’ll take 5 of whatever you’re selling.” Rei isn’t here to stop her from picking drugs up.

“Let’s see what did my book tell me. What BS can I provide to this tiny child.”

I want to point out how good they are at drawing reflections

Until you realize Usagi isn’t facing the mirror. Maybe this is from that fic PD sent me…


One thing to point is that Andrew says they just got the Sailor V game in and no one has played it yet. I honestly find this hard to believe as popular as Sailor V seems to be.

Fourteen ice

You know Usagi is probably the reason the Sailor V arcade cabinet breaks in another episode

Look. Motoki. You need to invest in a turtle.

Did Motoki get a tan in the last 2 seconds? Always a sign of a hand painted show, by the way. Always variations.

They gave Sailor V a gun which tells me they haven’t a clue what she actually does.

Me going to school.

Oh god the responsibilities are back again.

I wonder if they hired someone just to add the light bubbles.

House of Fortune, run by JZ. Or Jay Z perhaps? May THIS is where he got his start!

Gets old man to read fortune since every one else went to House of Fortune. Man not there? HOUSE OF FORTUNE.

Im pleasing someone by showing Usagi’s shoes.

Likes to go with Naru for fortune telling? Nonsense! Usagi tells her own fortune telling by THROWING HER SHOE IN A PUBLIC STREET.


Crush the poor girls shoe a little harder.

She crushed her own shoe. I take it back.

Umino has been in here long enough for Usagi to get her fortune read, walk to the Crown Arcade, play at least 2 games of Sailor V, walk BACK to get her fortune read, argue with Stranger Danger, and walk away. I hope you got a discount.

THE DEVIL. It honestly looks like they forgot to color in part of this.

My Chemistry professor was as crazy as this lady looks.

And that’s the end of Part 1! Do you like this method better? I can post much faster with this and not having to describe an episode. You also get WAY more images! Let me know if you like this better over on twitter!


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