90’s Episode 1 Part 2


So here we are on the 2nd half of the episode! And I’m sure you’re asking “What makes this show so great? All I’ve seen is slice of life of a lazy girl going to school.” Well that my friend, you will see today!

Usagi arrives at home only to find out her Mother ran into Umino who told her they had gotten their tests back and he had scored a solid 95. Of course, this prompts her mother to ask Usagi for her test as any mother would. Usagi mentions she’s going to hurt Umino the next chance she gets.

Usagi goes through QUITE the variety of emotions of the usual “uh..uhm…well…seee…” Before finally coughing the test up and handing it over. I’d be pretty terrified to hand my test over too if my mother was already wielding a spatula.

Of course her Mom goes 0 to 60, laying into her. I really want to point out the WONDERFUL hand animation scene here. Naturally they were trying to get the point of her spinning the spatula around and you wouldn’t normally see this without stopping the episode.

Usagi becomes pretty scared of her mother’s rage as any kid would. Then Ikuko..kicks Usagi back outside of the house and locks her outside. Though I’m not sure it’s actually locked as much as implied that Usagi would be put back outside if she came inside again. Usagi starts to wail like the crybaby she’s known to be.

Meet Usagi’s brother, Tsukino Shingo. He’s in elementary school still (hence no uniform yet and the name tag he wears). He often makes fun of his older sister enough to kick her in the butt, literally, and mock her to her face that he can go inside.

And as someone who spends FAR more time playing video games than she does studying, Usagi does a “Sailor V kick!” right at Shingo, only to be met with the wooden door. Her poor kneecap! I find it strange she knows about a move like this given she had ONLY heard of Sailor V prior that morning. It is possible she made it up on the spot because it sounded “cool.”

Back at Osa・P, we see all the women trying on the jewelry becoming very faint and weak, falling to the ground hard enough that one of them has it popping off like a firework. Naru naturally becomes a bit concerned about what’s going on. Someone around here has common sense at least!

Looking to her mother for some help, Naru discovers that she’s been infected with that villainitis I mentioned earlier. Knew she should have gotten that checked out sooner. That look does nothing with that lipstick though. She needs a more villain shade.


Naru of course panics and realizes that something is REALLY wrong here, but what do you even DO in this situation? People in your mother’s store are fainting and now your Mom looks ready to commit murder. “Yes, 911? Yeah my Mom is about to try and kill me, could you send someone over? Yeah. Thanks.”

Back on Usagi’s side of things, she’s finally let back inside the house. She remarks she is actually TOO tired to her homework after that little episode and lays down for a nap instead.


As a side note, I like to really look at backgrounds and here you can get a bit more detail on Usagi’s bedroom. I imagine that those are magazines and manga on the shelf along with SOME textbooks. She also has a cute dog plushie in a random chair in the corner of her room. Her alarm clock is where it should be as shown previously, on the shelf above her bed.

For someone that’s not exactly the most…brilliant, Usagi is quick to detect something behind her after her window seems to close on it’s own. It’s that strange stare-down cat from earlier. How it got up to the second floor of the Tsukino household is a mystery.

As if having a cat appear in your room on the 2nd floor wasn’t enough, this one starts to TALK! Maybe Usagi really is still dreaming!

Clearly Usagi and I do share some form of a brainwave length because she promptly agrees that she must still be dreaming and lays her head down to go back to sleep. The talking cat, Luna, does not take politely to this, yelling at her this is no dream.

So Luna’s tactic to prove this isn’t a dream is to do some spinning leap into the air and to produce an item out of thin air. Yes, this idea completely works to make me believe I’m NOT dreaming.


Out of the space pocket dimension that Luna appears to have access to, she produces this brooch. If you want to read more into the information on it, you can check out this link at Tuxedo Unmasks’s site about it!

Usagi being who she is, is naturally excited about a free item. Much less some jewelry! Given she was unable to get any earlier. The talking cat is no longer an issue in her life.

Luna yells at her to pay attention and she has a VERY important mission and must repeat “Moon Prism Power, Make Up!” Since the talking cat is not longer an issue, why the hell not!

And in an experience a lot of us remember, we get to see Tsukino Usagi transform into Sailor Moon for the first time ever. I always get excited watching her do it for the first time.

And now she freaks out because her outfit has changed! Sure, talking cat, okay. Random brooch out of pocket space, okay. Repeating a random phrase after a cat, okay. Outfit changing? NOPE. I do like the efforts they put into the actual reflections in the mirror too! It’s the small details you appreciate.

I..Usagi worries me for many reasons. She apparently doesn’t want to go fight crime as a hero of justice. Did she really think it was so easy for Sailor V? Well…naturally she did. Except I want to point out a small flaw I’ve caught. Prior in the episode, Usagi claims she doesn’t know who Sailor V is. The Sailor V arcade games aren’t installed in the arcade yet, just posters displayed outside.

Usagi went pretty much straight home because she had no money to buy anything with. She only stops to admire Sailor V posters outside the arcade. So what’s my point? She has a Special Edition of a Sailor V book present straight on her dresser. Tuxedo Unmasked has a theory that its a “special edition” so it might have been an add-in that came with another manga she bought. What are YOUR thoughts? Maybe Shingo had it and she “borrowed” it to read later…

Moving along, Usagi’s “Naru sense” starts to go off and she hears her yelling for help.

Usagi becomes worried for Naru and I think for about 2 seconds she considers calling the police until Luna steps in and tells her it’s HER job to go save Naru. Does no one in Tokyo trust in the police?

In what is actually a pretty terrifying experience, Naru is literally being strangled by her mother carrying a case of not just villainitis, but a side effect of murder.

The great news is that it’s not Naru’s Mom! Which means we don’t have to worry about a contagious case of villainitis from her! The bad news is that it’s some villain straight out of Scooby Doo on Zombie Island. And if you haven’t seen that movie, shame on you and you should watch it tonight!

Here is a rather iconic Sailor Moon moment of this head owl turn this Youma, named Morga, does. This was originally cut out of the DiC dub because it was considered too disturbing for small children, and I can kind of see how.


Here we have finally arrived. Sailor Moon versus Youma. I’ve seen this image captured as “When I hear someone talking about Sailor Moon,” and I find that pretty fitting!


Morga of course has to questions just who in the hell this girl thinks she is! Poor Naru is still suck there, hanging in the air, being strangled.

Her name is Sailor Moon and she’s here to punish your in the name of the Moon! I..still think this sounds far cooler in Japanese than English. It’s very important that we establish all of this information before we save our best friend.

Thankfully the youma proceeds to drop Naru and…twist the rest of her body around with her head and throw her arms like a party is about to start and she’s ready to drop a hot number on us all! In…reality she is summoning her minions.

And unfortunately we don’t get a super cool swarm of Scooby Doo like villains, we get all the people who were buying jewelry. Did the family members not even question these people not coming home all damn day long? It’s clearly later into the night and Usagi arrived here after school when the sale was already going ON. The lack of concern is very real in the Juuban area of Tokyo.

Usagi didn’t REALLY think she was going to have to fight, never mind that these are real people. They aren’t some monster. They’re being controlled, so how do you even go ABOUT this?

Things start to get a little TOO real when a random broken bottle is brought out that Usagi barely manages to dodge. She still manages to scrape her knee up enough for it bleed in the movement to dodge, which sounds a lot more pleasant than the broken bottle. This was removed from the DiC dub as well.


Now Usagi is cornered by this youma and all these people that are being possessed. She’s seen this thing twist it’s neck, twist it’s body, and now it’s floating. Suddenly that talking cat isn’t so bad.

And Usagi does what anyone would probably do and start to cry! That’s if they didn’t pass out from the shock of it all alone.

Of course the Youma decides to strike when Sailor Moon is down and defenseless. This was a really scary scene for me as a kid.

For 2 seconds Usagi stops crying to see what’s going on and just panics more and cries harder. I almost didn’t catch her hand in the 4th image but boy that’s a weird one!

Episode 1 alone is going to bring an end to our hero of justice. Must mean they focus on Sailor V being a hero then! Though..what’s with that weird pink line in Usagi’s frame?

I’m sorry. A ROSE stopped you? I get it’s pretty and all that, but a ROSE?

Here we see a man in a Tuxedo show up in the window with the advice to Sailor Moon that “Crying isn’t going to solve any of your problems.” He throws a rose and drops THIS line on her? Doesn’t jump down to help.

Usagi takes his advice to heart….AND IMMEDIATELY WAILS AND LETS IT LOOSE!

In which creates this insane sonic boom type effect that made for some images that…really hurt my eyes and my brain. But Stranger Danger, your advice was totally invalid.

Luna tells Usagi that NOW is the time to act. She is to grab her Tiara and yell “Moon Tiara Action!” We’ve already followed what the cat said and that’s proven more useful that was Stranger Danger has given us.

Here we get our first Moon Tiara Action! It’s just as it sounds, Usagi takes her Tiara off, turns it into a disc of energy and throws that sucker like a Frisbee. At least we know she’s good at one sport?

I swear this thing gets skinnier the more and more they draw her. Morga gets a nice face full of light energy that is apparently SUPER powerful!

Morga promptly turned into monster dust.

The energy that Jadeite had been collecting disappears and he remarks “Morga you failed me, you fool!” What are you going to do, Jadeite? Punish her? She’s kind of already dead.

Stranger Danger, feeling he has helped out, decides it’s time for him to leave. Which is probably the MOST helpful thing he did.

Usagi…somehow, some WAY falls in love with this useless jerk! Usagi, you really do worry me.

Back at school, Naru recalls the dream she had of a Super hero saving her and her classmates remark they had the SAME dream too!

Usagi just wants to sleep after playing super hero and ignores the girls. And that concludes episode 1 of the 90’s anime! But here’s a sneak peak into episode 2!




See you next time in Episode 2!

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