Sailor Moon 90’s Episode 1 Part 1

Welcome to episode 1 of the 90’s anime, where most of us started our love for Sailor Moon. Whether it was through watching fansubs or that good old DiC dub, we all had some love for the show that grew throughout the years.

Starting out we have your menu options which..I’m okay with. You even get the extremely long episode titles in English!


What struck me as unique is that I was watching this in English, but they didn’t subtitle or put any English thing on this page here. It remains in Japanese, is said in English though.


Our first shot is of the infamous Usagi bed set. Popular enough that they actually RELEASED a duvet for it and a pillow case. It’s really comfy, let me tell you. For those not in the loop “Usagi(兎)” means rabbit and “tsuki(月)” means moon. So Tsukino Usagi is like Rabbit of the moon in a rough translation.

And it wouldn’t be Sailor Moon if it didn’t start out with Usagi realizing she’s actually LATE. Oddly enough, she hears her mother yelling from downstairs, which is something I would have slept RIGHT through.


Also her alarm clock is this pretty creepy rooster that has weird aspects of 12, 3, 6, and 9 for images.

Bolting to get ready, Usagi yells at her mother wanting to know why she didn’t wake her up. Ikuko simply states that she tried and Usagi simply told her to “go away.” Not sure that’s great parenting? Also not reading about Sailor V here! I think she may be studying her shapes for geometry class.


Ikuko had to REMIND her about her food. Bet you thought you wouldn’t see the day Usagi forgot about food.


She is less than thrilled to have forgotten it. Honestly, I just liked this face and wanted to stick it here.

On her way to class, Usagi sees this gang of kids picking on this poor cat! Seriously, what is with the PARENTING here!? I’d like to note how funky those kids look but MAN the detail on that car is pretty great.

Usagi arrives to find a cat with a band-aid stuck to it’s forehead that the kids apparently put there. Someone didn’t teach these kids proper.

Usagi removes the band-aid without question and without making out with the cat this time. I really love seeing this up close because the detail and animation are gorgeous. I don’t think I fully appreciated this until I owned cels from the show.

After removing the band-aid, the cat does this really neat back flip that makes me think maybe she was some kind of stunt performer in a previous life time. See what I did there? And also Usagi carries a really cute bag with a rabbit drawn on it! Not that we ever actually know what it’s used for. And then they have this weird stare down…

Also I REALLY want to point out the reflections on the top of the car with Luna. That’s what I call attention to detail.

For someone who almost forgot her lunch…Usagi does get very hungry having not had breakfast and since she’s in hallway detention for being late again, she figures it’s safe to eat.

You know how you always hear parents have eyes in the back of their head to see when you’re doing something you shouldn’t? I think Haruna has that for Usagi and eating.

Haruna lays into Usagi about her score of a 30 on this English test. I thought it was interesting that they wrote “English” in the upper left hand of the test. Maybe to really get the point across?

This is Naru, Usagi’s best friend and local target. That will make sense as we progress. We also see Umino here, which Takeuchi has remarked “looks good under the glasses.” We’ll never know though. Usagi is dreading over her test grade and Naru doesn’t do well to cheer her up, stating that “she didn’t do any worse than usual.” Umino makes it worse with his 95. The word “English” is also written in the upper left hand corner of his test.

Naru interjects, for Usagi’s sake, to ask if they heard about Sailor V stopping a robbery. It’s mentioned that it was just a jewelry thief this time and they still believe she is working with the police. More specifically the “Elite Police Special Investigation Unit.” Usagi apparently has never heard of Sailor V, however.


Naru remarks how she could see why you would want to steal jewelry given how pretty it is. Usagi agrees. Naru…your mother OWNS a jewelry store, why on earth would you go to this logic???? As they go on about what they would want (diamond rings and ruby earrings), Umino finds himself suffering. That’s what you get for running a 95 into Usagi’s face.


Naru suddenly remembers that her mother’s store is have a sale and asks Usagi if she wants to go check it out with her. Usagi gets starry eyed and of course she agrees!

Our next shot is of this…place. It’s never really called anything as I remember, but you get to meet this crazy lady with her floating Crystal ball and ARMY!

Here we meet Jadeite, our first villain.  He is one of the four generals we will meet throughout the show. I’m still questioning this army though.

Here I wanted to point out how DETAIL oriented the 90’s anime was. I imagine the cel for this must look absolutely incredible. Also this gives you the first look at Queen Beryl. Here she talks about how they need energy for their great ruler. Another thing is that they hint that they can take energy from any source, but choose humans. The line is “We need energy at any cost, but we will use human energy.” Or something along those lines.


A close up of Jaedite. I think they gave him this slightly greenish tint to perhaps represent him as a not human?

For Naru to remember her Mom’s sale so late, it sure is popular! You can even see a variety of junior high students present! The store is called OSA・P which is a reference to Osabu, Takeuchi’s editor.


Naru and Usagi seem pretty stunned both by how popular the sale is, and how crazy Naru’s Mom is for having it. Usagi remarks that perhaps it a business tactic. I also like that Naru’s Mom was nice enough to post the sale signs in English for tourists. Or so I assume.

Naru, I gotta say…something about your Mom seems a little off. And it’s not the red lipstick but she pulls that off fantastically. Perhaps it’s just me overthinking things.

Maybe it’s JUST me, but I’m pretty sure jewelry isn’t supposed to do this unless that’s what makes it so expensive. “Come get your soul sucking jewelry here! One of a kind!” That’s gotta be what makes it so expensive, right?

Next we see Jadeite holding the energy ball that has all the energy from people wearing and buying the jewelry. I also always like to think he was flipping everyone off in this scene because it’s REALLY close to that.

Yeah still think something is wrong with your Mom, Naru. She might wanna get that checked out. Looks like a case of “villainitis.” I mean does no one else in the store see this? Is the jewelry that blinding?

As soon as Naru and Usagi make themselves known, the case of villianitis dies down some and she offers a special deal to Usagi. This ring is normally $500,000 (It’s still read as 500,000円) and marked down to $30,000 (30,000円). How can you afford to drop something $470,000 in price and still live!? Also how MANY DIAMONDS DOES THAT THING HAVE?

Wonder how many Disney weddings you could have with that price.

Usagi mentions how her Mom would never buy anything for her with the grade she got on her test and Naru honestly feels a little bad for the girl. She only has herself to blame. Accepting her fate of getting nothing out of the store, Usagi decides to leave and head home.

Usagi finds herself frustrated over her test and balls it up. Here we get another shot of the cute rabbit bag she has!

Cue her balling it up and hitting a random guy on the head. Say hello to Stranger Danger.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of it. The infamous green jacket and purple pants combo. Here it is in the flesh. I was going to make a joke about his parents letting him dress himself all the time…but well….I’ll let that one go.

He does remark on how awful Usagi’s grade IS. In this scene, we do get to see some of the rarer faces that are more comedic.

Not gonna lie though…I do like his shades.

Here we see Stranger Danger having a stare down with a jewelry store. Am I the ONLY one seeing the suspicious things going down in the Juuban area of Tokyo!? Also dude so has a turtleneck on.

On her way home, Usagi sees poster for a new Sailor V game and we get a few more images of our first existing heroine of justice! Still waiting on that anime to come out though. Been waiting since forever. Come on Toei. We all want it. I believe in the original US version, part of this power was removed because of the guns, but that’s for another time.

I know what you’re thinking. “You JUST posted this above???” Well the images reshow here! I guess they figured it was cheaper to reuse the same cels and it kind of was. You probably didn’t REALLY catch onto this reuse, especially as a kid. Usagi is essentially fantasizing.


In fact, she fantasizes so hard about what it must be like to be a hero of justice, with no school to go to and no homework to do, she stops to sit down and stare at the poster outside of the arcade. I’m more curious about what an “ABE” store is myself.


What the. This suspicious cat is back. Maybe it wants round 2 of the staring contest?


The cat watches from afar as Usagi busts out in tears over her test. She sucks it up, sniffles, and begins the despairing walk home, hopeful she doesn’t have to show her mother her test grade.


And there you have it! The first half of Episode 1 of the 90’s anime!

I apologize for the massive delay on this one. I had a chemistry test and life happened. I do have work for a few days but hopefully soon I can give you part 2!

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