Sailor Moon Crystal Act 1 Part 2


Welcome to the 2nd half of Act 1 of Crystal. This time we’ll get to find out what is REALLY going on with Naru’s Mom, what this cat is all about, and just who IS Stranger Danger?


First I’d like to note that this isn’t a lamp in the OSA・P shop (which is a reference to Osabu, Naoko Takeuchi’s editor). No, this is inside Usagi’s bedroom! I think it’s rather gorgeous but I also feel as though it isn’t something you would see in a Japanese home, despite the fact that they do have a home over an apartment. I’d love one of these.


Another shot of what Usagi’s room is like. It’s rather clean, isn’t it? You can see she keeps her jewelry on a cork board type device and her books nice and neat on her desk. If it’s anything like her school books, they’ve probably never been opened.

After the exhaustion of being kicked out of her house and having a fit, Usagi decides it’s better to nap currently than it is to do her homework. Some hero of justice, right? It’s one thing I love about this series. They don’t make these perfect, ideal characters. But that’s a post for another time!

Here we see what appear to be the same characters in the dream she started out the episode with. One seeming to be a knight of some kind and the other..her perhaps given the perspective. But a dream is a dream, right?


Yeah okay she needs to lay off whatever drugs she’s on. She has this dinosaur pop up in her dream, which mind you, she is totally monologing in her sleep? Who does this? I’ve never had a dream where I described and questioned everything happening in this way. Maybe I’m the weird one.

So she comes to realize that she MUST be dreaming about the Sailor V game where she has to save the cat she came across early in the day. Boy if she dreams about her daily experiences, she is in for a treat for the rest of her life time!

Apparently the appropriate way to wake someone up is to break into their 2nd story window and scratch the ever loving fuck out of their face. Or at least..if you’re a cat.


This is a pause to really show off how beautiful the animation for Crystal CAN be. No show has perfect animation through out and there are often shortcuts. In fact, Crystal had to be touched up before the DVDs released!


So if Usagi’s day wasn’t long enough, this cat just starts to…talk to her. In English. With a rather grand vocabulary to the point she knows her full name. So she’s now had a cat with a crescent mark break into her room up on the 2nd floor and start to talk to her.

Usagi chooses what I believe to be the correct action and believes she is STILL asleep and rolls right on over. A proper life choice. If you can’t see it, it’s not there. Maybe she thinks Luna is like a T-rex?


So being a…talking cat, she gives her this broach which Usagi instantly falls in love with. I should note that the cat has a name, Luna. Related to the moon.

Usagi goes 0 to 60 and suddenly Luna is okay BECAUSE SHE GAVE HER A GIFT FROM SOME CAT SPACE DIMENSION!? We need a talk girl.


The broach starts to glow once Usagi gets it on and now she’s back in freak out mode. Only she goes “What do I do Luna?” Like suddenly this cat is now a regular part of her life no questions asked.


Luna tells Usagi to raise her hand and yell “Moon Prism Power, Make Up!” Usagi, of course, follows this direction and does it with 0 questions asked.


Here we get a gorgeous shot of the moon. I just liked this.


So upon yelling the “catch phrase” or “call out,” the broach sparkles and things start to go down. Now I would normally post like 50 transformation photos, but thanks to some advice, I’m going to save that for a post later.

Over time in what we can only believe in some frozen time frame, Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon! The hero of justice we all know. One thing to note is that Crystal uses this weird…what I call 2.5D style for transformation scenes, at least for the first two seasons as I recall. I’m not a huge fan of it, but I can deal.


I find it a little hilarious to see the roses here lining the moon. Those that know the series know why.

Back to Usagi freak out 2.0, she tells Luna she’s changed clothes and doesn’t understand WHY. Never mind this pretty amazing breeze the transformation created in her room for her hair to do that for a solid minute.

Here we see something exclusive to only Act 1 of Crystal and it also only appears once in the 90’s anime. This is what I have called the Naru senses. She hears Naru yelling for help through the red orbs on her odango’s, but it only works for Naru. This girl has Naru senses.

Luna informs her that Naru is, no duh, in danger and needs help! My question here is..does this amplify sound outside where it’s loud enough that other people outside of Usagi hear it? Why aren’t her family members questioning this?

Here we find out that Naru’s Mom is actually tied up in the basement and that this is actually Morga. She doesn’t state where she’s from, which is pretty rude if you ask me. Could have taken the girl out to lunch at least before you tried to kill her.

I thought seeing the change from Mayumi into Morga was a really cool thing. You see everything start to change though I don’t think she gets NEARLY as creepy as she does in the 90’s anime. And…she looks less like a Scooby Doo villain here which is a bit disappointing.


Oh my god Stranger Danger is here. My favorite thing I noticed…HE IS SO WEARING THE SAME OUTFIT HE WORE EARLIER. COULD YOU BE ANYMORE OBVIOUS YOU IDIOT??? What, the mask and the top hat are supposed to deter people!?


Usagi takes off running to the store to save her friend Naru with the cat in tow. I have to assume that they did not discuss a battle plan on the way here given what goes down.

Morga questions who the hell this girl thinks she is and Usagi has to stop and go “uhhhhhh.” Luna, you could have covered a FEW topics on the way over!


This has to be my absolute FAVORITE shot out of this entire episode. There’s something about the level of confidence you see Usagi carry here that she normally doesn’t have. She goes from not knowing to “oh, well let me inform you that I’m the soldier of Love and Justice, here to stop YOU.”

So Usagi gives the speech we’ve all heard 1000 times before but we all get REALLY excited every time. One thing to point out here is that the moon doesn’t have the roses on it previously portrayed in a scene.

….Do you think the moon follows her around to do this? Just like a string attached to it to drop in for this and then disappears? No? Just me? Okay.

Morga activates the T-virus and all the women wearing jewelry they bought from the store appear with this awful red eye. They should have at least picked some eye drops up on the way over. That cannot be healthy for extended periods of time.

Usagi freaks out because the girl has no clue what to do. In dodging these beings that are supposed to be human, she even falls and scrapes her knee. This goes back to her not being perfect and not knowing what to do.

For about two seconds you think she’s really going to do something to defend herself here.

Instead, the girl cries like any person would honestly do in this situation! She has had a long day. She was late for school, stepped on a cat, failed a test, been kicked out of her house, had a cat talk to her, transformed into a super hero, heard her best friend being threatened, and now has all this weird stuff going on. How would you handle it?

This is another one of those things we only see here. Usagi’s odango’s amplify the sound of her crying so harshly it’s enough to shatter glass and put a stop to everything.

Finally Luna starts to provide some advice to attack at this moment while the monster is vulnerable. I really have to wonder how this scream amplified did not totally destroy Luna’s ears though. Must be a Mau thing.

She takes her tiara off to create this disc. Pretty flexible tiara if you ask me.

Usagi takes it and shouts, out of all the types of attack names…Moon Tiara BOOMERANG. THAT THING IS NOTHING LIKE A BOOMERANG. ITS A DISC.

Morga is promptly returned to middle school questionable lunch meat form once more after getting smacked straight in the face with the…boomerang.

Usagi is relieved all is done and over with needless to say. Everyone sort of hits the ground and she doesn’t even CHECK ON NARU.

Usagi hears Stranger Danger talking and doesn’t recognize his voice nor his outfit from EARLIER IN THE DAY. He was rather helpful, wasn’t he?

Here’s some shots of Stranger Danger, actually known as Tuxedo Mask. Or Desk Lamp. Whichever.

Usagi takes no time to fall in love with the masked stranger who just watched her struggle to fight and provided no help whatsoever. This girl gets at least one two second crush on every new person she meets, I swear to it.

Here we see Jadeite watching the battle through this Crystal ball. He is disappointed in Morga for failing at her job but like..what are you going to do? She’s already questionable lunch meat. Fire her?

Naru regales of how a super hero like Sailor V came to save her in the store…only she recalls it as a dream.

Usagi is irritated to find out this wasn’t all some dream and to top it off, Naru doesn’t give credit to Sailor Moon as her hero. I mean did you even check on her or the others before you left? Did they all wake up in the store in the middle of the night? Did Mayumi call the police to say she had been tied up by a monster!? I HAVE QUESTIONS.

Then we see a touch of this girl right before the episode ends. She gets rained on. 😦


So concludes Act 1 of Sailor Moon Crystal. But I’d be remiss if I didn’t share a non-text version of this image and some shots of Act 2!



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