Sailor Moon Crystal Act 1 Part 1

Welcome to the first Crystal post! I had a LOT of fun with this one because I was able to rewatch the show and get some GREAT images in the process! I wound up with about 500 but took some out for a background image type post in the future and some that were mis-shots.

I should note that I own and use the DVD’s and not the Blu-ray versions so that may experience differences.


First is the menu images for the first disc that contains Acts 1-7. Here you can see all the options. My ONLY complaint here is that on the main screen…there’s nothing beside the setup option! It feels incredibly and oddly blank. Nothing ever shows up here. I think it could have been a good place for the clean OP/ED. Instead, we get this odd blank spot.

Also the Act menu could have been a TOUCH nicer of text?


Next we get this set of really nice Galaxy images that I liked. You can hit me up on twitter if you want a non-logo version. My favorite one is the last one. You could have zoomed in JUST a tiny bit more on the Moon and Earth.


Also a fan of this Moon and Earth image set!


This is a really neat set I felt. Using silhouettes here was rather smart. It’s informative while at the same time, giving you nothing if you don’t know the show!


And here we hit main content! Our first look at Usagi and Ikuko! A neat little thing to point out is that behind her, is what looks like something with Luna on it! I barely noticed this.


I thought getting some images of Usagi getting ready would be nice. You can even see here that she uses pins to hold her odangos in place! And…also see that we all believe she has some form of an inner ear issue with her balance? At least for a while.


Her concern for her daughter is very real. She just yells across the house “ARE YOU OKAY.” “NO.” “OKAY.”


Our very first look at Sailor V! She’s one of my favorite characters personally. The paper at the top basically states that Sailor V is a big success at stopping crimes.  Off to the side it states that a 20 billion yen (roughly $176,660,000 USD current day) was recovered safely in the operation and the robber was stopped.

Also, the great Tuxedo Unmasked pointed out to me that she gets screwed over! She’s on page 20 of the newspaper despite the large article about her!


And it would NOT be Sailor Moon if Tsukino Usagi was not late for school.

Here…I would normally include the INTRO song, but that’s for a different post that will be posted at a later date!


Here’s a small filler image they posted that DOES appear later into the episode! Do you know the scene it’s from exactly?


Here are some images of the opening text. You can, again, hit me up on twitter if you want the non-logo version.


Meet Tsukino Usagi. Local crybaby, always late to class, and on the side, super heroine of Love and Justice!


Who…promptly steps onto a totally unsuspecting kitty. Though here it seems like MOST of her shoe misses her. Most. I’m sure it was deserved for something later down the line she says or does.


Poor cat has a bandage on its forehead and looks really sad. Also, I guess Usagi ate dirt, but…that’s nothing new. She did that leaving her OWN house.



And Usagi believes the next option is to kiss this poor unsuspecting stray cat she JUST met. How does she know if it’s not carrying a disease!? Then she gets scratched all up by it in revenge.


After traumatizing herself and the cat, she removes the bandage to reveal this bald crescent moon shape on her forehead!


And then 0.2 seconds later, hears the bell at the school going off and realizes “oh FUCK I’M LATE.”


Next we get a glance at our first villain Little Ricky. You’ll find out more about him later. Don’t let the good looks fool you.


Little Ricky summons this thing that looks like it came out of that “lunch meat special” you had in middle school. You know the one.


Usagi is late to class and decides that since she missed breakfast because she overslept, lunch is perfectly acceptable to eat while she’s basically in time out. But what will she eat for lunch!


It takes not very long for her teacher to know when her student is NOT up to any good.


Meet Haruna. Usagi’s homeroom AND English teacher. Usagi notes that English is by far her worst subject. I’m subject to believe she has no good subject unless it involves a Frisbee of some kind.


Haruna lays into Usagi about how awful she did on her last test. A 30 does not make for a very good score needless to say. Later, I’ll have a better photo of the test to show if you want to see what it was like.


After being sad and escaping time out, Usagi laments over her horrible grades.


Next we meet Naru Osaka, Usagi’s best friend. The girl worries about her friend and her grades and tries to cheer her up while telling her she needs to study.

Meet Usagi’s other…questionable friend, Umino! He’s incredibly smart, though in a way that seems to be slightly annoying to the others. He usually scores almost perfectly and, if I recall correctly, is often ranked #2 behind Ami on exams.

Naru is promptly upset that Umino did better than her despite the fact that she had EVEN made a point to study for this one. Umino did not really study, of course. I’d be pretty happy with an 85 myself.

Usagi now has her lunch break, given that she was prevented from eating it for breakfast. Here we see 2 unnamed friends of hers talking about Sailor V and jewelry. It’s mentioned that her Mom owns a jewelry shop which sounds like a REALLY convenient plot point given that Sailor V has been stopping robbers at these specific store types.


Here we see Umino discussing Sailor V and how she’s a hero for Justice. You’d think Usagi of all people would have heard of her by NOW. She was already established in England by this point and now in Japan. They even throw hints that they believe she’s working WITH the police!


Here the girls talk about how…”Stealing is wrong, but I can see how someone would want ALL the jewelry.” The it’s SUPER convenient to mention that Naru’s Mom owns a shop they can buy these things at. How well do you know this girl to NOT know this!?


So you know those phone wallpapers you see with the character looking like they are stuck in your phone? Boy do I have a treat for you, that’s this image, right here. I’m hoping to make this into an ACTUAL wallpaper for phones.


This is an idea of some of the jewelry that Naru’s Mom says. Normally this red necklace is something like 1 billion yen, I think. Cross check me on that one. And this not one for sale.


Meet Mayumi Osaka, Naru’s Mom. She runs this store and believes in the movie Bee unlike any other. Though…I feel like the bright red lipstick doesn’t quite fit well.


So Mayumi is having this MASSIVE sale in her store, something she has never done according to Naru. Who..doesn’t seem to find it that suspicious honestly.


“You okay Mom? You look a little evil today?” I mean the lady kind of looks like she’s about to be the worst director for a theatrical play that everyone will hate by the end of it here. Never mind the fashion choices of Venus orange nails, red lipstick, Bee themed earrings, and a…brown necklace.


Usagi leaves the store and looks at her test, making the remark that her Mom would never buy her anything with the grade she is about to bring home. I’d like to note that in the 90’s anime, she remarks that her DAD wouldn’t buy it for her. You get a sense that sometimes, in Crystal, both of Usagi’s parents aren’t present. That yes, her father DOES work and I love that small detail.


So in a fit of a natural Tsukino Usagi fashion, she balls her test up and tosses it. Now two things to note about this. First, she is still going to have to show this to her parents at some point. Another is that littering is a really big no in Japan. They don’t generally keep trashcans about and you are usually expected to take it home with you and sort it all out to the proper disposables. Now this varies place to place, but generally you have places that have burnables and nonburnables.


Usagi promptly hits this masked random man in the street that’s totally unexpecting this. Or so it seems. He is rather stand still right behind her for no particular reason. It’s almost like he was intentionally watching her? Another thing to note that’s hard to catch is that when the paper ball floats to smack the man in the face…nothing else moves. No hand, not a strand of hair. Just the ball. in the 90’s anime, Usagi’s arm DOES move in the frames though!


So being the POLITE man he is, he opens her test and mocks her for her score of a 30 after calling her a “bun head.” For those that don’t know, they are called “odango (お団子)” in Japanese. This is a type of Japanese dumpling so she would be called dumpling head normally, but I feel like the term bun head works in English okay. It’s better than the 90’s “meatball head.”


It’s in this moment that the two realize that…”do I know this person?” But they pull it away as they clearly don’t and it’s just by chance. This is a reference to the dream Usagi starts with at the very beginning of the episode. Stranger Danger man shares this dream it seems.


So Usagi storms away after taking her degrading test and bag and grumbles about him and talks about her heart beating fast for no reason. Then Stranger Danger tries to look cool in his…shades and Tuxedo in broad daylight, mentioning “maybe THEY have it.”


I thought I would snag a good photo of this Sailor V poster that I would LOVE TO OWN AS OFFICIAL MERCH??? I’m a sucker for posters and flyers.


As Usagi walks on her way home, she stops as she sees the poster. It’s weird to me that for someone who plays video games, she doesn’t realize this game exists. Or that Sailor V exists as a super hero. Then again, mysterious things HAVE been known to pop up around the Juuban area of Tokyo with 0 questioning.


And as a distraction, of course she has to go inside and play it!


Here’s some images of the game itself. It’s a real shame that this game doesn’t exist either. I’d take a Sailor V fighting game any day. Although I wouldn’t turn down another Another Story game either!


Next we meet Furuhata Motoki. He works part time at the arcade and knows Stranger Danger as well. He’s a real cute guy that Usagi has a massive crush on.


She gets praised by Motoki and of course takes that in total stride!


Luna shows up at the arcade and has this really weird stare down that makes Usagi pretty uncomfortable. Granted she also makes a jab at her having a “bald crescent spot” on her forehead.


Finally Usagi arrives at home and it turns out that Ikuko came across Umino on his way home and finds out that they got their test grade back.


One thing I love about Crystal is that they DO have attention to detail. You can see her test here and they use text for the test, but make Usagi’s name and class year hand written. She entirely skips the 2nd section? Could you take this and pass it? I can think of one person that might.


Ikuko takes it about as well as any parent would. Now remember this is in Japan, so it’s not like America either. You can research into Japanese school and how relevant grades are on your own. Now I will say MOST parents probably wouldn’t kick their kid outside the house for a low grade. A small detail to point out here is that you can see the car that the Tsukino family uses!


Shingo, Usagi’s brother, arrives home not long after Usagi is shoved outside and he remarks he wishes he had a better sister. Then he makes fun of her by making a face and sticking his tongue out as any child would.


And in any Usagi fashion, she uses a “Sailor V kick!” The 2nd image here looks pretty cool for Usagi but it’s promptly lost when she gets the physical realization that kicking a wood door probably isn’t very smart.


The next best method after a Sailor V Kick is to whine and beg to be let back inside and beg that it’s enough that the families next door are like “PLEASE LET HER IN????”


Stranger Danger! He put a mask on and a top hat. Must be his classical night wear.


Then we get a shot of this energy collecting device that..honestly, let’s be real, looks like the T-virus you’d see in Resident Evil.


Suddenly the jewelry that the women had bought at the sale don’t feel so great. Couldn’t be that glowing stuff though…right?


Naru finds it weird to hear voices in the store that I suppose her house is connected to and this is the image that greets her. I’d have to slowly close the door and pretend I saw NOTHING.


And that does it for Part 1 of Act 1 of Crystal! I didn’t want to break episodes up, but this would be TWICE as long otherwise!

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