Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Act 1 Omake

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Welcome to the first full work on the site! Act 1 of PGSM Omake. Up above you’ll see the menu for Disc 1 of PGSM.

For those who don’t know, PGSM was a live action Sailor Moon show that aired in Japan only from 2003-2004. It was on a small budget and the CGI is, if we’re being real, lacking. But the show has a great story depth and character development! You can visit Miss Dream on the link at the top of the page for access (Note: I do not believe they have the omake translated, nor am I going to translate it.)

So strap in as I share images of PGSM Act 1 Omake!

Note: Any odd names you see me call characters (I.e. Little Ricky, Mamotallia, etc) are all from the Love and Justice Podcast linked up above. It’s a GREAT Sailor Moon podcast covering the 90’s anime, crystal, PGSM, and the musicals)

vlcsnap-00001Say hello to Tsukino Usagi and Mizuno Ami’s actors! They are Miyuu Sawai and Rika Izumi respectively. They are super precious and adorable.

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As you can see, SOMEONE was enthused to record the opening to the show! This is your first look at Sailor Moon.

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And here is the first look at the Sailor Scouts! I bet NONE of this is what you were expecting if you haven’t exactly seen the show, right?


Usagi, can you turn the moonlight down JUST a little bit? It’s like having that car behind you that drives with the high beams on full blast with those LED lights. You know the ones!

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This really captures the essence of Tsukino Usagi. Only it’s Miyuu Sawai being a little burned out recording this! The other girls seem fine on their little spinning platform.


I DID snag this lovely image that has Ami and Usagi written all over it. If it’s requested, I can provide a non logo version if you’d like.


There’s honestly no telling what thought is in her mind about Rei in particular.

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Here we have that famous “train scene.” This only MOMENTARILY appears in the opening of the entire show, but they shot a whole series of things with each character. Here, two small children approach Minako for her autograph. This is the only other time I believe we EVER seen her in her school uniform.

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And here we have one Hino Rei being incredibly jealous and leaning over to see just what Minako wrote to them. She’s even hesitant in waving to them in what I believe to be her jealous, but I am a Reinako shipper and biased.

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Rei herself is polite enough to give up her seat for an elderly lady. Minako is proud of her girlfriend.

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Somehow..the old lady has wound back UP on her feet? She comes in off screen so don’t think she’s just stood up and Rei has taken her seat back. This scene really makes Makoto look TALL. Usagi also does this muscle motion with her arm to Makoto.

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And here we have Ami giving directions to a foreigner. Which isn’t what gets MY attention. It’s Makoto constantly leaned over, listening in to little Ami give these directions and Minako realizing what Makoto’s looking at. Then she shares it with Usagi who begins to realize that maybe Makoto has a thing for Ami. Note: She does not get with Ami in this show or in version thereof. But a girl can dream!



This is EXACTLY how they filmed the scene of Ami falling off the building. You’ll see more context on this in Act 2 when I get around to that. I bet this isn’t quite what you imagined, is it?

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This is a series of shots from the show. You’ll get a closer look at the uniform for the scouts, Usagi as a…business woman, and one very angry Luna.

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Lastly, we are introduced to a series of our villians. Nephrite aka Red Ranger Billy Idol. Jadeite aka Little Ricky. Then we get Naru Osaka and Luna as well as Desk Lamp Tuxedo Mask! What a high quality mask he has there.


So that wraps up this omake! What did you think? This is my first post officially big time on the site so I was trying to do it in a way that wasn’t TOO long via slide shows you could control. Most episodes might be split into 2 different parts down the line, if not 3, just to make it easier to go through and give me time to record images!

Would you like gif images of the train scene in motion? Let me know below or on twitter if so! If enough requests come through I’ll do a special gif posting of them!

See you next time!

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