Former Sailor Jupiter Performer Engaged

Previous Kino Makoto/Sailor Jupiter performer Takahashi Yuu was recently engaged to kickboxer Hirotaka Urabe not long after he won a match. It was aired on live TV. Takahashi Yuu played Sailor Jupiter in La Reconquista, Petite Etrangere, and Un Nouveau Voyage. Of course she played many more roles beyond this. She has competed two times … Continue reading Former Sailor Jupiter Performer Engaged

Sailor Moon Unnatural Phenomena Cassette Audio

So some people have never heard of this existing before! In a one of a kind release (literally), an episode of Sailor Moon from the DiC dub was put on a a cassette tape with a single song of "She's Got the Power" included on it! Oddly enough...both sides of the tape have the EXACT … Continue reading Sailor Moon Unnatural Phenomena Cassette Audio